Detailed Description
The best of all the chronicles
There are many chronicles of Lineage 2, we have collected the best of all and created a favorite MMORPG for you!
At the core of the Remastered version, for the most part lay the foundations of Interlude, High Five and Classic.
Attention! The concept of the server can be changed, suggest your offers in the discussion topic of server Lineage 2 Remastered.
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Theses of our game
Classical economic
from D to S grade
Fair balance
of classes
level – 80
No Kamael
and Ertheia races
Server Description
Added a system that allows you to get additional experience from monsters.
The bonus accumulates if the player is in the peace zone or offline. At high bonus levels, it is consumed faster than at low ones.
The system helps beginners and players with low daily online.
Two direction vectors
Interesting gameplay for organized
groups with daily online 4+ hours
Comfortable gameplay for players
with any daily online
Medieval seamless world of Lineage 2, no Kamael and Ertheia,
game client totally stable and without critical errors.
Raid Bosses
x3Raid EXP
x3Raid SP
x3Raid Drop
x1Epic Raid
Reward for successful epic raid
  • Participant`s Epic-Raid Chests
  • Raid Member Chests
  • * Chests get characters inflicted
    a certain amount of damage
  • * A random number of chests is issued.
    after killing the raid
Comfort for solo players

1 per day


1 per day
looking for group


1 per day
looking for group

Complete the dungeon and get your reward
  • Dungeon conqueror`s chest
What can I get from the chest?
  • Useful consumables (70% chance)
  • Vitality restoration potion (10% chance)
  • Experience gain buff (20% chance)
Character development



Standart* 2nd class available alternative Quest (3kk Adena)




quest* available option satin 30 fabrics instead of fighting with Baium, reagents needed


quest* Reagents needed

Character enhancement
Equipment enhancement
  • Enchant scrolls drop chance increased
  • Drop of books for skills enhancment available in fortresses and castles
  • Lucky Enchant Stone can be obtained in fortresses and castles
Life Stone
  • Life Stone drop chance increased
Special features
LS has no levels, only grades
any LS can be augmented at level 46 and above.
The better the grade (NG, Mid, High, Top) the higher a chance to get the skill.
Where can I get Life Stone?
No-grade, Mid and High in different locations
Top-grade only in Primeval Isle location
Epic shards
  • Participating in the epic boss raida fter successfully completing the raid characters get chests with epic fragments.
What are the shards for?
Collecting enough shards can get an epic fake jewelry , that adds partly bonus of epic jewelry.

  • Fake epic jewelry can be exchange for the original ones

Chests, shards and fakes can not be traded.
Epic jewelry
  • Combine an epic jewelry to improve its bonuses
Special features
Parameters of epic jewelry changedNow any epic is useful for magesand fighters (by Classic).

Clan war and big-war 2019
The time of epic-bosses respawn fixed - evening.
40 lvl
Queen Ant
1 days
18:00 - 20:00
60 lvl
2 days
Вход и респ 21:30
61 lvl
2 days
20:00 - 22:00
5 days
20:00 - 23:00
8 days
21:00 - 22:00
11 days
Респ 22:00
* Attention: the respawn time can be changed, all epic bosses alive from the start of the server.Write your suggestions in the development topic of Lineage 2 Remastered.
Sell and buy on the official marketplace
Marketplace is available from the start of the server, perform deals in real time, with a minimum commission and full protection of game values.
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Phase 2 weeks

    Olympiad available from server start
  • Со 2 профессии и 55 уровня
  • 4 random arena
  • Able to choose 5 buffs out of 10
  • Every fight is rewarded
    Daily Olympiad
    quests available
  • Participate in 3, 5 and 10 fights
  • Win 2, 5 and 10 battles
  • Participate in 5 class fights
    What can I get as a reward?

    For participation you get chests with a reward for which you can purchase:

  • Olympiad Epic jewelry
  • Useful consumables
3 characters is necessary
for class fight
5 characters is necessary
for non-class fight
70 fights per week 60 non-class
30 class
Points distribution 1/5 per fight
maximum 10
    Siege of Fortresses Available
  • Fortresses available - 21
  • Siege available for clan level 4+
    What is available in the fortresses?
  • Prison dungeons of the fortress

    What can I get as a reward?

    Having a fortress you can get
    or earn:

  • Special fortress skill
  • Skills for clan units and orders
  • Lucky Enchant Stones
  • Mastery Codex
    Castle Siege every 2 weeks
  • Castles available - 9
  • Siege available for clan level 5+
    What is available in the castles?
  • Prison dungeons of the castle
  • Manor management
    What you can get as a reward?

    Owner of castle can get
    or earn:

  • Useful consumables
  • Clan cloaks and capes
  • Lucky Enchant Stones
  • Mastery Codex
Seven Sings
Period - 2 weeksFirst period from March 11First mammons on March 18
* until March 11, the passage to the catacombs is open without registration, but there will be no mobs with stones in them
How to figure it all out?
You do not need to learn hard, just play with comfort and have fun.
The guide system and the NPC in the game will explain everything to you at the right moment.
Remastered version description
  • Skill mechanics - taken from the High Five for the base, auto-learning to level 40, then books are needed
  • Skill adjustment is an adaptation of certain skills from Classic and skill levels 80+ from High Five to class relevance
  • Economic and shops - taken from the Interlude base
  • Mobs - for the base taken with Interlude
  • Drop and Spoil - for the base taken from the Interlude
  • Crafting - for the base taken from the High Five, there is RARE craft
  • Quests - taken from the Interlude base
  • Olympiad - for the base taken from the High Five, daily Olympiad quests are available
  • Buff slots and attribute system - for the base taken from the High Five
Feature Description
  • Premium Account does not give a bonus to EXP and SP, experience runes are available + 30%
  • Marketplace - available from server start
  • Club buff - without Dance / Song and 3 professions
  • Offline trading - traders remain after the server restart in the game
  • The stop experience command is available.
  • World chat is available to club members after level 30 every 3 minutes
  • Shadow Weapon - prices increased by 3 times
  • Registration in the catacombs will be available on March 11, until March 11, the catacombs is open without registration before the start of registration there are no mobs with a drop of stones
Other advantages over Interlude
  • Stable client of the game, no critical errors
  • In-game mail with the ability to trade and sale items
  • Looking for group system
  • Pet evolution system
  • Combo buffs available to save buff slots
  • Summon buffs copied from master
  • Шифт+клик по предмету отобразит его в чате с интерактивным описанием при наведении
  • Shift+click on the item will display it in the chat with an interactive description when you hover
  • Fortresses are available for obtaining consumables and stones that increase the chance of enchantment
Content of 3rd server stage
Attribute system
At the time of the 3 chapters of the server at level 76 there is an opportunity to improve the equipment with stones of elements.
Elemental stones can only be used for S grade equipment.
Какие бывают камни?
Fire Stone
Water Stone
Earth Stone
Wind Stone
Dark Stone
Divine Stone
Attribute System Information
  • Stones can be inserted into weapons and armor.
  • Maximum weapon bonus +150 of the one element
  • Maximum armor bonus +60 three types of elements
  • The first stone inserted in the weapon gives +20 att
  • The second and subsequent stones in the weapon +5 att
  • The first and subsequent stone in armor gives +6 att
Where to get the stones?
  • Fire Stone: Forge of the Gods
  • Water Stone: Ketra and Varka
  • Earth Stone: Imperial Tomb
  • Wind Stone: Primeval Isle
  • Dark Stone: Pagan’s Temple
  • Divine Stone: Monastery of Silence
The bonus of your attack and defend from elements is displayed in the characteristics menu: ALT + T ALT+T
Attention! The concept of the server can be changed, suggest your offers for change. In the discussion topic of server Lineage 2 Remastered.
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