Here you can buy and sell any game values of the game Lineage 2 Remastered.
Game currency "Unit"
IconItemPrice in UnitsGradeTypeAction
Life Stone 10ETCEtcitem Buy
Spellbook: Summon Storm Cubic 1ETCEtcitem Buy
Wizard's Tear 600BWeapon Buy
Recipe: Sealed Tallum Boots(60%) 6ETCEtcitem Buy
Recipe: Zubei's Helmet (100%) 1ETCEtcitem Buy
Top-Grade Life Stone 40ETCEtcitem Buy
Spellbook: Blizzard 2ETCEtcitem Buy
Spellbook: Demon Wind 2ETCEtcitem Buy
Mid-Grade Life Stone 5ETCEtcitem Buy
Short Leather Gloves 37NGArmor Buy
Agathion Exchange Coupon 15ETCEtcitem Buy
Dragonflute of Twilight 5ETCEtcitem Buy
Guild Member's Club 1NGWeapon Buy
Dagger 1NGWeapon Buy
Wolf Collar 10ETCEtcitem Buy
Stockings of Knowledge 5DArmor Buy
Wolf Collar 4ETCEtcitem Buy
Wolf Collar 10ETCEtcitem Buy
Sword of Delusion*Sword of Delusion 200BWeapon Buy
Avadon Robe of Fortune 300BArmor Buy
Shadow Item: Crimson Sword 10DWeapon Buy
Shadow Item: Gastraphetes 10DWeapon Buy
Squire's Pants 1NGArmor Buy
Flavorful Cheese Hat 12NGArmor Buy
Blue Wolf Leather Armor 80BArmor Buy
Sealed Blue Wolf Boots 50BArmor Buy
Agathion Seal Bracelet - Little Angel 10NGAccessary Buy
Shadow Item: Heavy War Axe 50BWeapon Buy
Phoenix Agthion Seal Bracelet 25NGAccessary Buy
Ancient Cloak 30NGArmor Buy
Dark Screamer 40CWeapon Buy
Wolf Collar 100ETCEtcitem Buy
Greater Premium Ring 29NGAccessary Buy
Homunkulus's Sword 40CWeapon Buy
Agathion Seal Bracelet - Little Devil 10NGAccessary Buy
Agathion Exchange Coupon 10ETCEtcitem Buy
Plated Leather Boots 30CArmor Buy
Ancient Cloak 45NGArmor Buy
Plated Leather Boots 30CArmor Buy
Drake Leather Boots 5CArmor Buy
Samurai Longsword 95CWeapon Buy
Leather Belt 30NGArmor Buy
Assassin's Bamboo Hat 10NGArmor Buy
Tutorial Guide 100ETCEtcitem Buy
Greater Premium Ring 30NGAccessary Buy
Berserker Blade
200CWeapon Buy
Aspis 1DArmor Buy
Warrior's Helmet 20NGArmor Buy
Warrior's T-shirt 50AArmor Buy
Brigandine Tunic 3DArmor Buy
Brigandine Gaiters 1DArmor Buy
Dark Screamer 30CWeapon Buy
Karmian Gloves 50CArmor Buy
Stormbringer*Stormbringer 50CWeapon Buy
Warrior's T-shirt 75AArmor Buy
Ring of Black Ore 10BAccessary Buy
Sealed Dark Crystal Helmet 90AArmor Buy
Gold Maned Lion Mount Bracelet 45ETCEtcitem Buy
Improved Kookaburra Ocarina 130ETCEtcitem Buy
Sealed Dark Crystal Robe 190AArmor Buy
Sealed Tallum Helmet 80AArmor Buy
Inferno Staff 750CWeapon Buy
Warrior's T-shirt 40AArmor Buy
Greater Premium Ring 19NGAccessary Buy
Panda Hat 15NGArmor Buy
Dagger 1NGWeapon Buy