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Interlude Final - April 20, Tipping point in chronicle history!
It's time to face the new step in Interlude chronicle evolution!
Stable, old and classy, Interlude chronicles from new perspective!
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Project which collects all the best from previous servers, such as x20 and x25 by Valhalla-Age and E-Global. Unique World full of fun and drive, which has been proved at 2016 and 2017!

We have gathered all our experience, respect our players feedback to bring the maximum joy from the game, meanwhile NOT changing the key-points of the common BroInterlude. ;)

Choose your game-tempand receive best joy of your performance in active game world. Modern graphic, updated interface and fixed common bugs of Interlude chronicle.

Do you like Linegae 2 Classic, Gracia Final and High Five?

Just try Interlude Final, this product is worth your attention.

Worth your attention

Stable PTS platform

Fixed all common Interlude bugs

Optimazed game client

Modern functions

Different type of characters development

Updated pets

Mastered balance according to Interlude

Modern Olympiad system

Play with your friend or find new friends\community directly in game!

03 August 2018
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