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ASGARD X30, New Interlude - August 5!
We will show how is THE REAL LINEAGE 2 looks like in 2017!
Craft-PVP №1 on Interlude market, we gather PTS and JAVA community.
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In the nearest future, in July, we will prepare a detailed description of the topic, in which we will talk about a system that will save game values and characters on Valhalla-age forever.

10 June 2017
  • You can send you ideas and suggestion in special section on Thor x1200 forum.

    09 July 2017
  • NEW PVP SERVERS X1200 and X30 on Valhalla-age!

    PVP x1200 - July 14, x30 - August 5.

    MIDGARD X5 - BECOMES A BASIC SERVER for low-rates and mid-rates.

    18 June 2017
  • A lot of mice got out of the holes on the surface and wielded in all cities. They crept into every house, destroyed all stocks of shops and even a ruined castle treasury, and then hid mined in its recesses. They became so bold that they stopped being afraid to attack monsters, selecting their property.

    10 June 2017