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ASGARD X30, New Interlude - August 5!
We will show how is THE REAL LINEAGE 2 looks like in 2017!
Craft-PVP №1 on Interlude market, we gather PTS and JAVA community.
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In the nearest future, in July, we will prepare a detailed description of the topic, in which we will talk about a system that will save game values and characters on Valhalla-age forever.

10 June 2017
  • Dear players of Valhalla-age, we 're going to introduce the new tournament series on Midgard x5.

    19 May 2017
  • We simplified the start for our newcomers. It's high time to start conquest Midgard x5. Hurry up and join up. More detailed information about bonus start is in the latest patch description.

    10 May 2017
  • We are going to introduce new patch on Midgard x5: Newbie's start ( accompanied by bonus start), brand-new global event, first steps to decrease total amount of adena, Core and Orfen change. 

    10 May 2017