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New Midgard, Interlude x5 - March 31!
We are finaly glad to announce leading server of our community! Pride, stability and quality at one place! It's a new server by Valhalla-age.com - March 31!
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Contest - "The Best Movie"

Every one of you who’s ever tried to film his or his party/clan game can take part in competition for sure!

The first chronicle of Midgard x5!

The server has very regular development. Most of the characters are 40-60 level.

In this very chronicle we mostly gathered the information about participants of Big War.

  • Successful start - 5000 online!

    A number of unique players at once - more than 3500.
    Dear players! Congratulations, everyone, with successful start of Midgard x5.
    Server's online meets all expectations. The start went smoothly and without any discomfort.

  • Characters creation- Starting at 16:00 (GMT+1)

    Dear players! Creation of a character will be available from 18:00 (Moscow time).
    After creation of a character, you can transfer the donation in the personal Control panel to your character.
    Entering the game will be available from 20:00.

  • March 30 - Online podcast with Clan Leaders

    We desided to start this server with the podcast and give a little bit more information about upcoming Big War to every player.

    On March 30, 19:00 (CET) GMT+3 main Clan Leaders will have the opportunity to tell about their plans, politics and all that sort of things.